Live Caribbean Stud Poker – Best at JackpotCity Casino

The live dealer games at our casino are, in all honesty, the best in the country. The high standards in online gambling New Zealand players have come to rely on are all in place, including outstanding bonuses and customer service, and casino game galour with titles like online video poker and its mobile video poker cousin. When you add all this to the world’s premium live dealer software, incredible experiences are the natural result.

All Our Live Games are By Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming, launched in 2006, has established itself as the industry leader in live gambling software. Cutting-edge video streaming, expert dealers that speak several languages, wide betting ranges, enhancing special features and lavish settings all come together to make these casino games a treat for whoever gets to play them.

The ground-breaking company is always working to release new developments or improve on existing games, and we release them as soon as possible just as we do with new online pokies titles. At the moment, many intriguing strategy-based card games are available, such as Blackjack and the Caribbean Stud variation of Poker.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker Basics

Our online version of this game is based on the original land-based entertainment, and combines elements of Poker with extra betting options. Extra punting alternatives are a common feature of the live games at our online casino, and always make them even more exciting.

Unlike land-based Poker, you don’t go against other players in any of our live games. Instead, you’re facing off with the dealer. You can, however, enter a live chat with other players so that you interact with them as well as with the dealer to make things more authentic and sociable.

The setting looks the same as a round of Five Card Stud. To begin, you place your Ante bet. The dealer gives all players 5 face-up cards and deals him- or herself 5 cards too, with 1 facing up so that everyone can see it.

Based on your cards and the dealer’s visible card, you need to decide what move to make; at this point, the game might remind you a little of Blackjack. Your options are to place a Call bet or Fold. If you Fold, you forfeit your entire wager and the round is over. If you Call, the dealer’s other 4 cards are revealed and the hands are compared, using standard Poker rankings.

Comparing Hands in Live Caribbean Stud Poker

For the dealer hand to qualify so that the hands can actually be compared, he or she must hold a King or an Ace. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the hand pushes. If it does qualify and your hand is higher, you win and are paid out even money on your Ante and Call bets. If the dealer had qualifies and is higher you lose both wagers.

Side Bets for More Thrills

With fewer rounds than some types of Poker, our Live Caribbean Stud games are simple to learn and a good way to get into more complex variations, as well as being enjoyable and rewarding in their own right. When you want to add a little more intrigue, the side bets provide a great way to do it.

In the 5+1 side bet, the best possible Poker hand is created with your 5 cards and the dealer’s first face-up card. You’re paid out for anything from Three of a Kind upwards, starting at 7:1 and going all the way to 1000:1 if you hold a Royal Flush.

You can also choose to take out a progressive jackpot side bet, which pays out for any hand from Three of a Kind and up, but awards the cumulative prize for a Royal Flush in your 5-card hand. Keep tabs on what you could win in the ticker window; you’ll be seriously motivated!

JackpotCity has always been everything that online gambling enthusiasts could want in a casino online, and our live dealer Caribbean Stud Poker continues the trend. Try out our range of other games from 3 Card Poker to Texas Hold 'Em, and see if you agree.