Evolution Mega Ball

Mark off your numbers and let them multiply in Evolution Mega Ball, the fast-paced bingo-themed live casino game show. Buy up to 200 tickets for chances to win prizes multiplied by up to 1,000,000x your bet at JackpotCity’s mobile casino.

Reasons to Play Evolution Mega Ball

Here’s why you should play Evolution Mega Ball at our live casino online:

  • It’s a bingo-style live dealer casino game.
  • It has very fast draws of 21 balls out of 51.
  • You win by marking off lines of numbers on 5x5 tickets
  • You can buy up to 200 tickets per game round.
  • It has a bonus round with a multiplier up to 100x.
  • The minimum bet is only $0.10.
  • The maximum bet is $100 per ticket.
  • The maximum payout is $500,000.

Evolution Mega Ball is compatible with all desktop and mobile devices.

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Live Casino Game Features

The features of the Evolution Mega Ball live casino game show work together to provide a satisfying gaming experience:

  • Evolution Mega Ball Tickets: Buy up to 200 tickets for $0.10 to $100 apiece. Click a button in the user interface to select 1, 10, 15 or 25 tickets at a time. Your Evolution Mega Ball strategy will depend on how many tickets you buy. For example, if you buy many tickets at a low cost per ticket, you will most likely have many wins but with low payouts.
  • Change Ticket Value: Change the betting level on your cards while the betting window is open.
  • Refresh Numbers: All the tickets you buy are shown on the screen. Zoom in on specific tickets to see how the numbers are distributed. Click the “Refresh Numbers” button to change the numbers on a specific ticket.
  • Ball Draw: When the betting window closes, 20 numbered balls out of 51 are drawn from the Mega Ball machine. If their numbers match numbers on your tickets, they’re automatically marked off. Tickets are automatically updated and sorted as the balls are drawn, with the ticket that’s closest to winning on top. Each ticket’s wins are also updated and displayed.
  • Numbers To Win: The balls you need to complete a winning line appear in gold highlights above your tickets. These numbers are updated as the game goes on.
  • Evolution Mega Ball Multiplier: After the draw, a Mega Ball multiplier is generated on the large screen in the centre of the studio. This multiplier has a value ranging from 5x to 100x your bet.
  • Evolution Mega Ball Draw: The Mega Ball number is drawn from the machine. Payouts for any lines that the Mega Ball number completes on your tickets are multiplied by the Mega Ball multiplier.
  • Game Result: When the Mega Ball bonus round is over, your winning tickets remain on the screen, ranked according to win size, and there’s a win celebration. If you didn’t win anything, the interface will show you how close you came.
  • Ball History: This feature displays balls drawn so far, so you can see how many balls still have to be drawn.
  • Payout Tab: The paytable shows you what payout you can win if you complete 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more lines. This information is constantly updated according to your bet size.
  • Autoplay: Use this feature to repeat a selected bet for a number of game round determined by you.

Bets, Odds and Payouts

Evolution Mega Ball bets and payouts are a function of how many numbered lines you complete. Here’s how they work:

  • Bets: You can buy up to 200 Evolution Mega Ball tickets at a cost of $0.10 to $100 per ticket. The maths are too complex to realistically work out the odds of winning lines – it’s best to treat it as random.
  • Payouts: Each card has 25 spaces, with 24 numbers and an empty middle space. The more horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of numbers you mark off, the more you win: 1x for a single line, 5x for 2, 50x for 3, 250x for 4, 1,000x for 5, and 10,000x for six lines. Six completed lines on a ticket with a 100x Evolution Mega Ball multiplier are worth 1000,000x your bet, although potential wins are capped at $500,000.
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How to play Evolution Mega Ball

Evolution Mega Ball created a sensation when Evolution Gaming released the title in 2020, and no wonder. Never before had the world of live dealer casino games seen anything quite like this supercharged bingo-based bonanza. The studio lighting is perfect, especially the way different colours are used to spotlight the Mega Ball multiplier. Not only do the colours on the big studio screen change depending on the multiplier size, but the colours of the display highlighting the numbers you need to win do as well. This is a brilliant way to orchestrate the mood and heighten the suspense. These intense moments serve to punctuate rounds of super-fast ball draws that deliver endless opportunities to win.

On the game play side, Evolution Mega Ball is a breeze. All you need to play is to register an account at JackpotCity Casino and deposit some funds in your bankroll. (There’s no free play mode – you have to pay to attend and participate, like any show.) Find Evolution Mega Ball in the live casino lobby, select how many tickets you want to play with, set your bets and join a session of this electrifying numbers game.

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Join in the fun when you register at JackpotCity Casino in New Zealand.

 Evolution Mega Ball

Mark off lines of numbers on up to 200 tickets and stand a chance to win up to $500,000 in Evolution Mega Ball, the live casino sensation that blends entertaining game show dynamics with the timeless satisfactions of traditional numbers games such as bingo and keno.


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