Evolution Cash or Crash: Game Guide

Game Features

A 20-step, ladder-style paytable.

Max Potential Payout

Maximum payout is $500,000.

RTP Ratio

Theoretical Percentage 94.51%-99.59%

Special Features

Different color balls provide different bonuses.

Betting Range

Minimum bet of $0.10, maximum bet of $1,000

Evolution Cash or Crash

Introducing one of the most high-flying games ever to come to Jackpot City’s mobile casino – Evolution Cash or Crash! Draw green balls to keep your blimp in the air and move up the paytable, and draw the Golden Ball to protect yourself from the deadly red balls and activate Golden Shield bonus wins of up to 50,000x your bet!

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Reasons to Play Evolution Cash or Crash

Here’s why you should play the Evolution Cash or Crash live casino game online:

  • It’s a fun tactical live casino game show in a unique setting.
  • It has lottery style game-play with 19 Green Balls, 1 Golden Ball and 8 Red Balls.
  • It’s easy to play with just one bet and big win potential.
  • It has a ladder-style paytable with 20 steps of win multipliers.
  • It has great features such as Gold Ball Multiplier and Gold Ball Safeguard.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) technology brings the game to life.
  • It has a low minimum bet of $0.10.
  • It has a solid maximum bet of $1,000.
  • The maximum payout is $500,000.

The game is also available on all devices!

Live Casino Game Features

Evolution Cash or Crash has a single simple but effective special feature that can help you reach the top of the ladder:

  • Golden Ball Bonus Round: This feature is the key to reaching the top of the ladder and winning the maximum payout. Every time a ball is drawn, there’s a chance that it could be the Golden Ball. Once drawn, the Golden Ball creates a Golden Shield that protects you from crashing if a red ball is drawn. The game goes into quick-draw mode, without decisions between draws, and you move up the ladder until a red ball is drawn and the Golden Shield is broken.

Payouts can increase up to 50,000x the bet once the Golden Shield is broken. The safest way to make a profit in Evolution Cash or Crash is to “Take All” from level 4 on upward, but delaying that decision in hopes of drawing the Golden Ball could lead to higher rewards. It’s definitely a gamble, though, so only take the risk if you can afford it. 

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Bets, Odds and Payouts

Evolution Cash or Crash has a simple yet dynamic betting system. Here’s how it works:

  • Bets: There’s only one opportunity to bet  only initial betting decision is how much to bet (from $0.10 to $1,000).
  • Odds: The probability of drawing a green ball at the start of a round is 40.5%. The probability of drawing the golden ball is 3.5%.  The probability of drawing a red ball is 22.5%. The more green balls are drawn, the greater the probability of drawing a gold or red ball.
  • Payouts: The paytable has 20 steps with increasing win multipliers. These range from 1.2x your bet on level 1 to 18,000x your bet on level 20. Payouts increase if they are awarded after the Golden Shield is broken. To win the maximum possible payout of 50,000x your bet, you have to draw the Golden Ball and reach the top of the ladder.
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How to Play Evolution Cash or Crash

Evolution Cash or Crash is a high-flying live dealer casino game show by Evolution Gaming. The game takes place on a blimp flying high over a bustling city, and it’s your job to help keep it from crashing! The pilot is your game host, who operates a lottery machine with 19 green balls, 8 red balls and  a single all-important Golden Ball. A game round begins once all bets have been placed. The lottery machine draws a ball at random. If it’s a red ball, unless you have an active shield, the blimp crashes and the round is over. A golden ball activates a shield that protects you from red balls and triggers the Golden Ball Bonus round. If it’s a green ball, you have to make a decision.

Choose “Continue” to stay in the game and play on with your potential wins intact.  Alternatively, select “Take Half” to cash out half your potential winnings and play on with the remaining half. To cash out all your winnings and bow out of the game round, pick “Take All”.  To make your decision easier, look at the pair of blimps beside the paytable. They show your chances of continuing up the paytable by drawing a green or gold ball or crashing the blimp by drawing a red ball. A level counter helps you keep track of your progress up the paytable.

Evolution Cash or Crash plays out in a state-of-the-art live casino studio, with engaging live dealer interaction and augmented reality graphics that create a true sense of flying over a city in a blimp. The action streams live to your screen in full HD, and the game is available on all devices.

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Evolution Cash or Crash

Calling all high-fliers! Evolution Cash or Crash is a live dealer casino game with a unique setting that takes you high above a busy city in a blimp. Draw balls to stay in the air and level yourself up the paytable rankings. There’s up to 50,000x bet to win, for players who rise to the occasion.

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