Indian Roulette by Pragmatic Play Game Guide

Bet Features

Complete Bets, Finale En Plein, and Finale A Cheval

Max Potential Payout

Up to 35x


European Format, single zero

Base Game Bets

Minimum wager: NZ$0.10 , Maximum wager: NZ$5000.

Special Features

Hot & Cold stats

Indian Roulette by Pragmatic Play

Indian Roulette is a beautiful casino live dealer game that has been designed specifically for the Indian market.

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The dealers wear traditional purple and gold silk Sherwani and Saris as they entertain players from a studio that is decked out in Asian decor. The game is based on the standard single zero wheel found in European Roulette, with Outside, Inside, and Racetrack bets available. The betting range caters to all players as it starts at NZ$0.10 and climbs as high as NZ$5000. The dealer speaks in English, but the game can be accessed in more than 20 different languages.

Learning the Game Rules

Understanding the game rules of live roulette is simple. Indian Roulette by Pragmatic Play is based on the classic European Roulette version of the game. This means that there are 36 numbers on the wheel and a single zero.

The studio featured is designed to perfectly match the game’s theme and is obviously inspired by Asia. The friendly croupiers rotate through the games fairly often, and you won’t wait long before a face you’ve seen before is at your table once more.

As for the betting options, the standard Outside and Inside bets are available. You can also access special bets such as Complete Bets, Finale En Plein, and Finale A Cheval. Finally, the Racetrack is always ready to accept bets and features Neighbour wager options. You’ll find the most popular French wagers available, including Tiers, Voisins, Orphelins, and Zero.

Based on your betting preferences, the maximum wagers and payouts will adjust.

  • Numbers bet: NZ$5000 max wager - 1x payout
  • Even/Odd bet: NZ$5000 max wager - 1x payout
  • Red/Black bet: NZ$5000 max wager - 1x payout
  • Columns/Dozens bet: NZ$3000 max wager - 2x payout
  • Six Line bet: NZ$1500 max wager - 5x payout
  • Corner bet: NZ$1000 max wager - 8x payout
  • Street bet: NZ$750 max wager - 11x payout
  • Split bet: NZ$500 max wager - 17x payout
  • Straight Up bet: NZ$250 max wager - 35x payout
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Betting Expert Techniques and Live Dealer Functions

Indian Roulette by Pragmatic Play is designed using the standard live dealer betting system of European Roulette. This means you can use many different strategies and betting techniques to get the most out of your gameplay.

While betting strategies aren’t a one-way ticket to winning, they can help you change how and when you place your wagers. It’s important to make sure that you fully understand how a strategy works and what it entails in the long run before you start implementing it into your gaming routine.

The handy features and functions built into the game make playing a pleasure:

  • Bet limits and payouts table
  • Live chat
  • Customer support
  • History
  • Game help
  • Volume settings
  • Game settings
  • Camera view
  • Hot & Cold stats
  • Special bets

If you need to chat with customer support, you can do so by clicking the Live Support button.

The game can be accessed in more than 20 different languages. For help in these languages, check out the Game Help button, where you’ll find answers to your questions.

How To Play Indian Roulette by Pragmatic Play

  1. Visit JackpotCity Casino and log in to your account to get started.
  2. Visit the Live Dealer Casino or search for Indian Roulette.
  3. Add your screen name and wait for the next game round.
  4. Place your bet when prompted by the dealer.
  5. If you want, you can also add side bets and neighbour bets.
  6. Wait for the wheel to spin and for all bets to be settled.
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Mobile Gameplay on the Go

There are many different forms of live dealer roulette available, and they can all be enjoyed via your mobile device. All you have to do is load up from your mobile browser and start playing.

For those who prefer a more permanent solution, apps are available for Android and iOS users. Visit the Play Store or the App Store and search for JackpotCity. Download the app to your device and log in. You’ll have access to all of your favourite games, bets, and safety features.

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Your Safety and Security Matters

More than just a safe casino, we also provide plenty of responsible gambling tools. You can activate cooling-off periods, add deposit and loss limits to your account, opt for self-exclusion, and much more. You can learn more by visiting your account settings or chatting with customer support.

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