Exciting Live Three Card Poker at JackpotCity Casino

Sine 1998 online gambling players have known that for all things they can turn to JackpotCity Casino. Now, as live dealer games grow in popularity, our casino offers you the best of these too, amongst other casino games like online video poker, or mobile video poker. Evolution Gaming powers all live options, including our superb Three Card Poker games, and is widely recognised as the world’s industry leader.

What Puts Evolution Gaming in a Class of its Own?

We’d never offer you anything that wasn’t perfect at our online casino, and Evolution Gaming’s creations fit the bill. Every game has special features, wide betting ranges, top-quality video streaming technology and expert dealers to make them truly enjoyable to play.

The dealers themselves are also the most gorgeous that you’ll find online, speak a variety of languages and are trained to interact with players via the video connection. They’ll put you at ease and make sure that you’re having the best time from the moment you start to play. In short, these experiences are as authentic as it is possible to get with a casino online.

What Makes Three Card Poker Great?

Three Card Poker is simpler than several other Poker games such as Casino Hold em, played with 3 cards (as the name suggests) and putting players against the dealer rather than anyone else sitting at the table. This makes it a great way to start getting familiar with these complex table games, as well as very entertaining in its own right.

Don’t worry about the action being too slow for you though; it’s almost as fast-paced as a pokies game! In addition, there are actually 2 games in 1, and all the action and moving parts will keep you on your toes.

How Does Three Card Poker Work?

The table for this game consists of 3 circles; the outer is for the Pair Plus Game and the inner 2 are for the main game. The Pair Plus is essentially a side bet, and pays out if you hold a Pair or higher in your hand of 3 cards.

The first thing you do is place a bet in the Pair Plus circle if you want to activate this game, and in the Ante circle which is the middle ring. You’ll then be dealt 3 cards, as will the dealer. Based only on these 3 cards you need to decide what to do next. This makes things feel a little like our casino games of Blackjack, but a key difference is that here you can’t see any of the dealer’s cards.

Your options at this point are to Fold and forfeit your wager or to continue to the third circle, labelled Play. The bet that you place here must be equal to or higher than your Ante. Once you’ve done this, the dealer’s hand is revealed. For the game to continue, it must include a Queen high.

If the dealer hand doesn’t qualify your Play bets are returned and your Ante is paid out 1:1. Hands are compared if the dealer’s does qualify, and if you win or tie you get even money for both your wagers. The Pair Plus game functions independently, and is not affected by the dealer’s cards.

The Six Card Bonus Bet

We’re always eager to give you a little extra with the casino games you play at JackpotCity, and Evolution Gaming feels the same way. That’s why there’s an extra side bet option in their version of Three Card Poker.

In the Six Card Bonus Bet, the 3 cards in your hand and the dealer’s hand are combined and the best possible 5-card Poker hand is determined. You get paid out for anything from Three of a Kind or higher, and a Royal Flush gets you an eye-popping 1000:1 return!

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