Play Eclipse Blackjack

Min and Max Bet

Bet between $0.20 and $5,000.00

Fast Game Rounds

Fast betting phases and card dealing offers fast game rounds.

No Commission Mode

Cut out the 5% commission charged on Banker wins.

Place Side Bets

Choose from Pairs, Big, Small, and Super 6 side bets.

Traditional Baccarat Roadmaps

Use 5 different Baccarat roadmaps to spot trends.

Eclipse Blackjack

Add more glitz, thrills, and winning opportunities to gaming sessions with Eclipse Blackjack. Part of the card game collection at our live casino NZ site, this stunning edition of the iconic card game from On Air Entertainment brings together classic action and contemporary innovations. Players are sure to love the side bets that pay out as much as 2,000:1 and other added extras. Plus, there’s the opportunity to interact via live stream with a real dealer and other Kiwi players on desktop or mobile device.

Discover the Game Rules

Players should find it helpful to familiarize themselves with the rules of Eclipse Blackjack before playing this live Blackjack game at JackpotCity Casino:

  • This game uses 8 standard decks of 52 cards each.
  • The cards have the following values: Ace is worth 1 or 11, cards 2-10 have their face value, and J, Q, and K are worth 10.
  • The Blackjack casino dealer must draw to 16 and stand on 17.
  • The player receives 2 face-up cards, and the dealer gets 1 face-up and 1 face-down cards after the betting phase.
  • The player can place side bets after placing their opening bet.
  • The player makes their move after the deal.
  • Players can Hit, Stand, Double Down, or Split.
  • Live casino players can double down on any 2 initial cards except Blackjack.
  • Double down is dealt 1 additional card.
  • Double down after Split is not allowed.
  • Live Blackjack players can Split 2 initial cards of equal value, Aces included.
  • Only 1 Split per hand is allowed.
  • 1 card is dealt to each Split Ace.
  • Insurance bet is offered if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace.
  • The Blackjack casino dealer reveals their face-down card to determine the winner after the player makes their move.
  • The player’s bet pushes if they tie with the dealer without exceeding 21 (busting).
  • Blackjack pays 3:2, best hand pays 1:1, insurance pays 2:1.
  • This live Blackjack game has a 99.44% RTP.

Thanks to the use of standard rules, players can use a variety of live Blackjack charts for their strategies. If players decide to use beginner’s strategies, they should ensure that those strategies apply to games played with 8 decks of cards. Players can use variations and advanced strategies, provided card-counting isn’t among them, as the number of decks in the shoe makes it difficult to count cards.

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Expert Betting Techniques and Live Dealer Functions

Players in New Zealand who would like to turn up the heat when playing live casino games will appreciate the 5 different side bets offered by Eclipse Blackjack. Based on the player’s 2 initial cards or on a combination of the player’s and dealer’s cards, these bets offer spectacular potential payouts:

  • 21+3: The Blackjack casino player bets their initial cards and the dealer’s face-up card form a winning Poker hand for chances to win a payout of up to 100:1.
  • Buster Blackjack: The player bets that the dealer will bust (exceed 21) in the round for chances to win a payout as high as 2,000:1.
  • Perfect Pairs: The live Blackjack game player bets that their first 2 cards will be a Perfect, Coloured, or Mixed Pair for a chance to win a payout of as much as 25:1.
  • Lucky Lucky: The player bets that their 2 initial cards and the live Blackjack dealer’s face-up card will form one of several combinations for chances to win a payout as high as 200:1.
  • Royal Jacks: The player bets that their initial cards and, in some cases, the live casino dealer’s face-up card will form one of several combinations involving at least 2 Jacks for chances to win a payout of up to 600:1.

Eclipse Blackjack is available in English and Hindi, while live support at JackpotCity Casino is available in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish, and Russian. Players can access customer support via the toolbar buttons, which also include buttons for more games, sound, live chat, and screen mode. The Blackjack casino game buttons on the interface include chips, deal, double down, hit, stand, and split, as well as insurance and the 5 side bets, player statistics, and decision statistics.

How to Play

Use the following steps to find and play Eclipse Blackjack at JackpotCity Casino:

  • The player logs into their account, finds the game in the live casino games lobby, and clicks/taps it to launch it.
  • The bet size is selected using the chips on the gaming area and a side bet is selected if desired.
  • The player taps the Deal button.
  • The player makes a move by tapping the relevant button.
  • The Blackjack casino dealer reveals their hand and the winner, and any payouts are made to the player.
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Excellent Mobile Compatibility

On Air Entertainment’s use of top-quality cameras and gaming software means players in New Zealand can enjoy a visually compelling, immersive experience when enjoying Eclipse Blackjack on their mobile devices. This live Blackjack game is compatible with Android, iOS, and other mobile operating systems.

There are two ways to get in on the action using a mobile device. Players can login to their JackpotCity Casino account via their device browser, or they can download our app for Android or iOS devices for greater convenience when logging in, managing their account, and playing their favourite live casino games.

In addition to this exciting game, players can also find other great mobile optimised gaming options at our casino, such as LC Speed Blackjack Ruby.

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