Evolution Monopoly Big Baller

Get ready for fast-paced bingo action with a little dice rolling on the side in Evolution Monopoly Big Baller! This unique live dealer experience takes you on board a cabin cruiser where Mr Monopoly is waiting to pull his game lever and reward you with bingo multipliers and dice-driven Bonus Games on an augmented reality Monopoly board.

Reasons to Play Evolution Monopoly Big Baller

Here’s why it’s such good fun to play Evolution Monopoly Big Baller:

  • It’s a live casino online game that combines bingo and Monopoly.
  • It has an engaging live host and an interactive 3D Mr Monopoly.
  • It has 4 interchangeable Chance or Free Space bingo tickets.
  • It has bet spots for “3 Rolls” and “5 Rolls” Bonus Games.
  • It has an augmented reality Bonus Game on a 3D Monopoly board.
  • The minimum bet is $0.10.
  • The maximum bet is $1,000.
  • The maximum payout is $500,000.
  • Evolution Monopoly Big Baller works on any device.
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Live Casino Game Features

Evolution Monopoly Big Baller is packed with play-enhancing interactive features:

  • Chance/Free Space cards: You can place bets on one to four 5x5 Chance or Free Space tickets, which then fill with numbers from 1 to 60. Free Space tickets have central free spaces that raise the odds of completing a line. Chance tickets have guaranteed multipliers but may have free spaces added to them later.
  • Chance Multipliers: Standard (10x or 20x) multiplier numbers pay out on any lines containing them. Line multipliers (20x or 50x) pay out if you complete lines with the specified numbers. Global (2x or 3x) multiplier numbers pay out if you draw them on a ticket and complete one or more winning lines.
  • Ball Draw: Once Free Spaces or Multipliers have been assigned, a draw of 20 out of 60 numbered balls takes place. Drawn numbers are automatically marked off on your tickets.
  • Bonus Game: Place a bet on “3 Rolls” or “5 Rolls” to qualify for the Bonus Game. If either complete set of specific numbers is drawn, the Bonus Game will start after the ball draw. A pair of dice is rolled three times (“3 Rolls”) or five times (“5 Rolls”). Rolls determine how many spaces Mr Monopoly walks. If he stops on Chance or Community Chest, you win a prize, a multiplier or, sometimes, a fine, just like in Monopoly. If he lands on “Go to Jail”, you have to roll a double to get him out of jail. If you roll a double and he’s not in jail, you get another dice roll. Income Tax and Supertax reduce your bonus winnings by 10% and 20% respectively. If Mr Monopoly passes Go, all board prizes double. The Bonus game ends when you run out of rolls.
  • Monopoly Board: This is laid out like a regular Monopoly board but with multipliers attached to each property.

Bets, Odds and Payouts

Evolution Monopoly Big Baller has a very interesting system of betting and payouts:

  • Betting options: There are six betting spots in this game – four interchangeable Chance or Free Space tickets, a “3 Rolls” spot with three unique numbers and a “5 Rolls” spot with four unique numbers.
  • Payouts: Free Space tickets pay out 2–39:1 per completed line. Chance tickets pay out 2–199:1 per completed line.
  • Odds: The chances of completing lines vary randomly accordingly to the free spaces that Mr Monopoly distributes. Overall, the odds of completing lines are higher on Free Space tickets than on Chance tickets.
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How to play Evolution Monopoly Big Baller

Released in August 2022 by Evolution Gaming in association with Hasbro Games, Evolution Monopoly Big Baller shakes up the original Monopoly formula with a fast-paced bingo element that’ll keep you guessing every time. The scene is set inside a riverboat, where Mr Monopoly is taking a cruise along the river that runs through the virtual wonders of Monopoly City. The game host is his captain, and you’re an honoured guest he’s keen to entertain! How does he do it? Once you’ve placed your bets, MR. Monopoly pulls a lever that randomizes your tickets by assigning them random free spaces and multipliers. Then it’s time for the ball draw, with all the bingo fun that follows. The Bonus Game is especially rewarding, not only in terms of prizes but because of the authentic Monopoly game play, dice rolls and all.

Evolution Monopoly Big Baller isn’t the simplest game to used to at first, but when you do, it’s very satisfying. The trick is to wrap your head around the key differences between Free Space and Chance tickets. Once you’ve got that sorted out, you can craft your own strategy. The first step, though, is to register at JackpotCity Casino. Transfer some funds to your account via one of our quick and easy payment methods, find the game in our online casino live game lobby and join Mr Monopoly in his cabin. The game is available on all devices, so you can join via desktop, mobile or tablet. Draw the balls and shake the dice, it’s time for Evolution Monopoly Big Baller!

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Evolution Monopoly Big Baller

Bingo and Monopoly come together big time in Evolution Monopoly Big Baller, which invites you to join Mr Monopoly in his riverboat for a chance to win three different types of bingo multiplier and roll the dice for Monopoly Bonus Game wins!

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